Most parents are able to agree the arrangements for their children following a separation. However, if you cannot agree how children will be looked after, provided for and cared for, seeking legal advice can help.

In the first instance, mediation should be considered, as this will allow you and your ex-partner to try and come to an agreement regarding suitable arrangements in a more direct and less costly manner.

Issuing court proceedings should only be seen as a necessary and last resort, but we understand that sometimes, the court’s involvement is necessary. If court proceedings are issued, then you can apply to the court for a Child Arrangement Order. A Child Arrangement Order will cover the details of where your child will live and how much time your child will spend with the other parent. You can also apply to the court in relation to specific issues, for example, which school a child should attend or whether they should have certain medical treatment.

Archers Law can provide the advice and assistance you need. Our experienced family law solicitors are able to provide advice on your legal position. We are highly experienced in this area and will act to represent you in a robust way where necessary.

We understand that any issue regarding your children can be extremely emotive. However, it is important to remain level-headed during any discussions and to remember that the child or children’s best interests must always remain the number one priority.

Other matters relating to child arrangements we are able to advice on include:

  • Parental Responsibility Agreements or obtaining a Parental Responsibility Court Order
  • Emergency or preventative orders known as Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Grandparents are important in a child’s life. We advise grandparents as to their rights in relation to maintaining a relationship with their grandchildren.

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