Divorce Finances

There are often a number of financial issues to resolve following the breakdown of a marriage/civil partnership. The division of capital assets, pensions, family businesses, trusts, property at home and abroad and financial support for you and your children all need to be considered. Due to what is already an emotionally charged and difficult time, it can quickly become impossible for the couple to come to an agreement between themselves without help and assistance.

There are a number of ways you can resolve financial matters following a divorce/dissolution such as mediation, voluntary negotiations or court proceedings. Whichever route you take to resolve your divorce finances it is important that the agreement is recorded into a final court order (which is called a Consent Order) so the arrangements cannot be challenged or reneged upon at a later date.

Each party is under a duty to provide full financial disclosure so that we can advise you on a financial settlement. This area of law is complex, highly discretionary and fact specific so expert specialist advice is very important. Each case is decided on its own unique facts and no two cases are the same.

Our expert but very approachable solicitors can help guide you through this challenging time in your life, not only representing your best interests with respect to your divorce finances, but also providing the knowledge and support you need to move on with your life.

In addition, we have strong relationships with other trusted professionals including accountants, tax experts, financial advisors, pension experts and lawyers abroad, who we can call upon to assist in achieving a practical and cost effective solution to the division of matrimonial and civil partnership assets.

Separating from your partner or getting divorced is often extremely emotional and as such, it can be difficult to remain calm and composed during financial negotiations. Our solicitors pride themselves on providing straight-talking practical and legal advice, meaning you will be aware of your rights and equipped with the knowledge you need at every step of the process. We are highly experienced in this area and will act to represent you in a robust way where necessary.

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