Legal Costs

We know that legal advice can be expensive, but here at Bawtrees LLP we want to help and assist you in any way we can with your family/divorce legal matter. Our approachable and straight-talking solicitors are open and transparent regarding our fees and that way we can take away the uncertainty and worry of paying for our services.

We offer a range of ways in which you can pay for your legal advice. Whatever your circumstances, we believe we can assist you using one of the options below.

First Meeting

This is an initial advice meeting. It gives you the opportunity to chat with the solicitor who will be in charge of your matter should you decide to formally instruct us. We can explore the options open to you and give you advice specific to your situation. We can also discuss your funding options. This is a half hour fixed fee appointment either on the telephone or in our office for a cost of £97.50 plus VAT.

Traditional way to pay

This is based on an hourly rate. We represent you and deal with all communications on your behalf. We put ourselves ‘on record’ as acting for you with the court so all correspondence comes to us. Cost estimates are given by an experienced solicitor based on the circumstances of your case.

Fixed cost for Divorce proceedings

There are usually 2 parts to the divorce process (sometimes 3 if there is a dispute regarding children), the divorce itself and the resolution of the associated finances. For the divorce itself we can usually offer a fixed cost for this service. This covers your divorce but it does not include resolution of the financial side of things. Our fixed cost for this service is £500.00 plus VAT. There is also a court fee to pay which is currently £593.00 unless you are eligible for your court fee to be waived. This is subject to a means test.

Pay As You Go

Whilst all our funding options give you control over costs, our PAYG option gives you the greatest control in relation to what you pay. Put simply, you pay for the face-to-face time with one of our experienced solicitors based on the hourly rate. During these meetings, we can help you prepare any paperwork such as applications, statements or communications. We can advise you on options and things to look out for if you are contemplating or have issued proceedings. You then pay for the time at the end of each meeting. This option allows you to save money by representing yourself, which means that you will deal with all communications but retain our services in the background. We can, subject to conditions, offer this service over the telephone if you cannot get into our offices.

Fixed Fees for financial resolution

Occasionally we are able to offer fixed fees for this service. This depends on the circumstances; which must be foreseeable with no extra hidden circumstances.

Credit Finance

In some cases it may be possible to offer finance for the payment of your legal costs for the resolution of any financial dispute. This is offered by a third party credit facility which we can discuss with you.

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