Finally……Employment Tribunal fees abolished!

The Supreme Court has handed down Judgment in the case commonly known as ‘the appeal against Employment Tribunal fees’.

The court conclusively found that the fees prevented access to justice and that they were therefore unlawful. They are to be abolished and a refund given to all those who have paid fees over the last 3/4 years.

So…… what now? What of those who have been denied access to an ET between 2013 and now?

It is possible that having been found the payment of fees to be discriminatory to deny access to justice in that way, one can assume that the MoJ are likely now not just uncomfortable at having to repay all fees that were wrongly charged to those who did pursue claims, but also the claims against them for denying someone their chance to bring a discrimination complaint as, itself, being an actionable claim of discrimination against the MoJ.

Watch this space!